How are places funded?

Full information about this is available from Social Services. The method of funding is dependent in part on the amount of money the client has. Thus, you may have to pay for your own care, or may receive support from social services. However, the social services fees are insufficient to cover our costs, so for all clients being paid for by social services, we regret that we have to insist on a top-up contribution. In some instances, Continuing Healthcare Funding may be available from the PCT.

If I become very ill will you send me into hospital?

Only if you want to. It is often possible for you to be looked after by us, with the support of the local GPs. If you become terminally ill, we are also able to look after you. We have considerable expertise in terminal care and have achieved accreditation under the Gold Standards Framework.

Can you advise me about funding issues?

Unfortunately not, due to conflict of interest. However, advice can readily be obtained from Age UK or Care Aware. Details are given on our links page.

Can I come in for a trial period?

Yes, we are very happy to offer prospective clients a trial stay. The length of stay is a matter for discussion, but at least a week is normally recommended. The full fee for the period of your stay is payable in advance.

What is included in the fee?

The standard level of care (including activities), food and toiletries are included in the fee. Sundry items such as hairdressing and newspapers incur an additional charge, which is invoiced separately on a regular basis. Additional care, such as physiotherapy, will also incur an additional charge, unless it is being provided by the NHS.

Can I choose what I eat?

We have a varied menu, with different choices every day. If there is something you do not like we will make a note of this and offer an alternative. All food is home cooked in our kitchen and are cooks are available to speak with you. Special diets are catered for and we will assist with eating if necessary.